Friday, 23 November 2012

Chocolate, Cheese and the Kirribilli Markets

Hello there! As I've mentioned on my previous post (here) I would like to show you some of the best chocolates you can find in Sydney to make the perfect chocolate dessert.

First stop was Simon Johnson, the purveyor of quality foods with stores at Woollahra, Pyrmont, Alexandria and Castlecrag now there really is no excuse to not pay this shop a visit. I was like a kid in a candy store looking for that perfect bar of chocolate...

So I got a little sidetracked...

cheese fromage simon johnson
I was in cheese lovers heaven...there were sooo many types of cheeses.

 Lucky enough, we had complimentary cheese tasting.
cheese fromage simon johnson

cheese fromage simon johnson

cheese fromage simon johnson
My weakness...soft and creamy cheeses.
Some beautiful French chocolates from Mazet.
We've bagged ourselves a selection of Valrhona chocolates and a lil bag of salt.
Limited edition Valrhona Chocolate according to Frenchie.
I fell in love with this copper cookware - they provide the best thermal conductivity for even heating.
My little adventure continues, next stop Kirribilli...
bicycle harbour bridge
It was a pleasant and fun ride crossing the Harbour Bridge.
The view was absolutely breathtaking.

luna park
Luna Park just below us.
kirribilli markets Kirribilli Markets on a beautiful Sunday morning.
french bracelets

These all natural handmade soaps look and smell amazing.
My fav. was this custom made lamp. The seashells were collected from the south coast beaches.
brazilian chocolates
These handmade chocolates inspired by Brazilian desserts were phenomenal! Love the leopard prints.
To Die For. Enough said!
Freshly baked goods. Pretty sure the almond tart was screaming out to us "EAT ME!!!"

strawberries organic
Organic strawberries in little blue pots.
Barbecue beef on the grill with a generous serve of mashed potatoes. A must try!!!
My first Quesadilla (Mexican-style stuffed pancake) but certainly not my last!
coco chocolate kirribilli
Our last stop was at Coco Chocolate
Shop 12, 3a-9b Broughton St (Cnr with Bligh St), Kirribilli, 2061
This quaint lil shop is worth a visit, it's packed with chocolate goodness!
And lil gifts too..they are so cute!
coco chocolate
We settled for organic salted caramel w pine nuts. So worth it! ;D
Unsure how to spend the rest of your weekend?
You can always go to your local's always a fun place to poke your head around ;)
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  1. I love your shots of the cheese shop! I just want to a cheese shop in Vancouver, Canada (where I am currently) and was planning to put up photos later. But maybe your post will inspire to do it sooner :)



  2. Heya Milsters! Would totally love to see photos of your trip to the cheese shop ;D


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