Saturday, 1 November 2014


Ok, so I think we might have found the best yakitori bar in Sydney. Welcome to Toriciya! Nestled in a lovely residential suburb, Cammeray on the lower north shore chef Hiro-san used to work at some famously wonderful restaurants in Sydney, including everyone's favourite, Saké (post here).
Feels like you've stepped into a cosy restaurant in Japan when you walk in.
Today's Specials Menu.
O-Toro super premium tuna belly sashimi, the most delicate fish I've ever tasted.

Sea urchin sashimi! Where have you been all my life!!! So rich and creamy, feels like it would almost melt on your tongue like butter.
Yakitori skewers- sausage and chicken balls
Chicken with spring onion and pork belly.
Baked Savoy cabbage.
Fish cake.
Miso black cod.
Chef made this special proper grown up sushi for us, squid nigiri sushi with perilla leaf (he only gets 10 deliveries of these each year). My first taste of this fresh deliciousness and I find it requires more chewing than other fishes, the more you becomes creamy and coats your mouth with its sweet flavours. YUM!
Simmered ox tongue with Nagoya red miso.
Daifuku and green tea ice cream.
Roasted green tea creme brulee, this stuff is like crack. Just one is never enough, and before you know it you've demolished an entire bowl and you're climbing over the bar begging for moooooreeeeee!!!

Definitely coming back again. If you haven't been yet, then Toriciya deserves to go on your "to-eat" list. 
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