Sunday, 20 April 2014

Black Star Pastry (Rosebery & Newtown)

If you're a dessert devotee, I've found your new sweet spot. Allow me to introduce you Black Star Pastry (BSP), it's a gem hidden in this sometimes hectic city and it isn't to be missed!

Creator of this well loved patisserie is Sydney born to Indonesian parents, Christopher Thé. Formerly pastry chef at Quay and Claude's before opening BSP in 2008.

His latest cafe was opened in Rosebery beginning this year and it's already becoming a local foodie hotspot with Da Mario and Kitchen by Mike just next door.
2 Salads of the day: Quinoa, roast pumpkin, cauliflower and green beans with pork.
If it's not sweet o'clock yet, have a Lamb shank and red wine pie. This handsome little beast is one of my personal favourite.
Like bees on a honey pot, everyone lept on the watermelon cake and it quickly disappeared into happy, chattering mouths.
L-R: Frangipane tart, Salted caramel panna cotta, Pistachio lemon zen cake.
Mushroom and fine herb quiche - baked to perfection in a flaky pastry shell.
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Newtown's BSP is on Australia street and it's a tiny hole-in-the wall. Most of the inside is taken up by a counter covered with sweet and savoury treats like buttery, flaky chocolate croissants, quiches, pies and assortment of cake slices.

The watermelon cake have become a favourite among the regulars. I met so many people in the queue who had just come in for that on the day I visited BSP.
Finally got to eat this amazingly delicious watermelon cake. My life is now complete. One of the best around. If you haven't already been to BSP do yourselves a favour and pay them a visit. 
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