Saturday, 14 September 2013

Chefs Gallery

You may or may not know that I have a complete obsession with dim sum.

Dim sum is one of those things I always want to eat, but rarely do...Steamed lil parcels of perfection, nestled in steaming bamboo baskets, piled high upon crisp white table cloths with lashings of chilli and soy sauce.

I have to have my dumpling fix at least once a week, or I quite simply lose my mind.

Dramatic? Me?

Anyway, I've been hunting high and low for the best canto restaurant in Sydney CBD where it's totally acceptable to eat dim sum anytime, and I think I've cracked it.

Prawn and pork wontons in a Shanghainese spicy sauce [$7.90]
Colourful mixed vegetarian dumplings in translucent rice-flour skin [$6.90]
Wok fried medium grain rice with prawns and diced chinese olives [$14.90]
Spinach noodles wok fried with seafood and dried prawn roe [$15.90]
Steamed dim sim sampling platter [$13.90]
Chargrilled wagyu beef steak with black pepper sauce [$16.90] and Crab meat spring rolls with dipping sauce [$7.90] 
Lightly pan fried prawn potstickers using Australian wild caught jumbo size prawns wrapped in pastry [$8.90]
Fluffy chinese roti with pork floss [$7.90]
Water spinach wok fried with chilli prawn paste [$13.90]
Egg and spinach tofu lightly pan fried, topped with preserved vegetables [$12.90]
Pan fried daikon radish cakes with diced pork sausage and dried shrimp [$5.90] 
A Masterpiece: Trillium prawn dumplings steamed for 7-8 minutes and garnished with 3 coloured fish roe and caviar [$16.90] 
Curry diced chicken noodles [$13.90]
Hot and sour soup with shredded pork, prawns, silken tofu and black fungus [$5.90]
Wok fried medium grain rice with shredded pork and lettuce [$11.90] 
Our table loaded with delicious food :)
Guilty pleasure: Mango pancakes covered in chocolate sauce [$6.90]
Dessert share plate: Signature piggy face sesame buns and totoro marshmallows arranged in an edible garden served with mango and strawberry ice cream [$19.90]

The food menu is extensive providing a lot of old favourites and modern delicious chinese food in the heart of CBD. Great for pre-movies dinner too (Event Cinemas just a few doors down). So next time you go looking for a place for lunch or dinner on George St, you may want to check this place out! :D

Shop 12, Ground Level Regent Place Shopping Centre
501 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
Mon-Sun 11.30am-3.30pm
Mon-Sun 5.30pm-10.30pm 
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