Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Best Burger in Sydney

The only food I want on a weekend is dirty food.
You know, like mind-exploding crispy fried chicken or real great american style traditional burger.
Thankfully there's a newish beast of a burger in town...

Ladies & Gents, I give you Mary's! Brought to you by Jake Smyth (formerly Bodega), Kenny Graham (former bartender at Gardel's Bar, Porteno). Oh, and head chef Luke Powell (ex-Tetsuya's).

Spicy & Crispy Fried Chicken - Half bird $16
My fave, Mary's Burger $14
Check this place out. Great atmosphere and un-prententious food. Open til late too. What's not to like about that! Highly recommended from a self-confessed burger addict.

6 Mary Street, Newtown, 2042
Mon-Fri: 4pm-midnight
Sat: noon-midnight
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