Sunday, 26 May 2013

Arriving in Paradise

We arrived in Borneo, a little town called Kota Kinabalu, or KK as everyone calls it. I was born and raised here. I was happily playing tour guide as it was frenchie's first trip to Malaysia ;P

First stop was a full day snorkel at Mermaid/Dugong island (locals call it Pulau Mantanani).
Stunning island with white sandy beaches and clear waters.
Paradise <3

Look what I've found, a giant blue starfish!

I call this broccoli island, ain't it cute?
Lying on a hammock, gently swinging, zoning out in blissful comfort as I gaze up to the blue skies.
Canopy Walk @ Poring Hot Springs
Jungle trekking and found the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia.
Stopped by lookout to Mount Kinabalu (promised ourselves we'll climb it on our next visit).
My childhood favourite, chicken & prawn laksa @ Yee Fung Laksa Jalan Gaya [RM 5/AUD 1.70]
Crispy skin juicy roast pork @ Kedai Kopi Kuo Man.
Fish paste noodles @ Kedai Kopi Kuo Man [RM 6/AUD 2.05].
Cheap and decent seafood - Lobster, butter prawns and crabs @ Welcome Seafood Asia City.
My all time favourite, Yu Kee's Bak Kut Teh.
Beef soup noodles @ Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap [RM 7.50/AUD 2.56].
My favourite mamak food for supper, Roti Telur and Roti Canai served with dhal and curry @ Salim Lintas Square [RM 0.90/AUD 0.30].
Allow me to introduce you Roti Tissue (tissue thin crispy bread covered in sugar) @ Salim Lintas Square.
Cheap and classic tea time snack Roti Kahwin literally translated to 'marriage bread' - toasts held together with kaya (coconut jam) and melting cold butter @ Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen [RM 1.20/AUD 0.40].
My morning Starbucks has been replaced by fresh coconut juice @ Tun Fuad.

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