Thursday, 10 January 2013

Oh I love thee!

I love how certain foods can transport you to a different place. Macarons will always take me back to our summer holiday in France. We arrived on a bright sunny morning, like most tourists we stopped by Notre Dame de Paris and walked through Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood for a nice brunch. After eaten enough for a small army, we fell straight into desserts at our next stop Ladurée

With the artfully designed decor and the pastry display constantly teasing me the longer I stare at them (here). I was sooo excited I pretty much ran inside! I was tempted to order one of everything. They do every flavour of macaron you can imagine, my favourites are salted caramel and blackcurrant violet. They were an absolute delight of heavenly concoction of sugar and egg whites. Being back home now, I have my macaron fix at Zumbo, Baroque and recently, Ladurée (now open in Westfield, Sydney). So if you're in this part of the world - let thy love affair with macarons begin! :D

I'm wearing a beautiful floral top by Sandro that frenchie got for my bday. Pretty isn't it? It's a chic French label that I very much fell in love with. They offer some really elegant and feminine pieces. Definitely a place to go to for a fab dress or a simple fitted blazer that will last for years.

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