Friday, 7 September 2012

Insta Catchup @petitmacar0n

It has been a busy last few months at work. Having said that, I've been really lucky to have my gorgeous girlfriends organized some lovely fashion outings! ;P

Here are some of the adventures my iPhone and I have been on recently...I thought I'd let my little iPhone do the talking and do an Instagram catch up. xx

Whitney Port designer of Whitney Eve ;)
My girlfriends and I decided to put our entertainment cards to good use @ Glass Brasserie, Hilton
Wagyu beef pot pie w truffle mash was a smash..yummo!!!

If there's one thing I love more than food, it's FREE FOOD!!!

Bally had a divine selection of choc, vanilla and blueberry macarons..the blueberry was totally rad!
Every bite i take is mouth-watering heaven. Light and crisp on the outside and creamy centre. Oh, take me to heaven!!
Spinach & Fetta roll from Micks Bakehouse
Freshly shucked oysters
Hermes popcorn ;P
Guess who's in town...mother of all macs, Ladurée

Unfortunately, I took very few photos inside the shops, not even of the wonderful canapes from Omega and Burberry.
Bad blogger, I know.
Thankfully, we had a wonderful time and scored ourselves a nice stash of freebies! ;D


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