Saturday, 11 August 2012

Matcha Fro-yo

Allow me to introduce you Matcha Fro-yo or Green Tea Frozen Yogurt to you & me. Fro-yo, the "it" food craze among....everyone? (well, at least for the moment I am!). 

Ice-cream's less evil/fat twin, Fro-yo is less sugary than ice-cream, they are creamy, gooey, wonderfully tangy...and if you're a weight-watcher, froyos contain live active cultures (lactobacillus and all that good stuff) which improves digestion!
Win win.

Lately, frenchie and I have been obsessed with Azuma's Green tea fro-yo. If you're in the city, pop by Azuma on George St. I promise you'll be welcomed with a delicious and enticing smell of chiffon cakes and other desserts (black sesame chiffon and green tea tart are our personal favourites).

I've tried froyos from Cacao, Sour Sally, Yogurberry, Pink Guava...they're all pretty good too! What are you favourites? Suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)

Of course, if you have follow me on my previous posts, you'll already know that I like to try re-make something I like. Anywhoo, here's my take on my Azuma inspired green tea fro-yo.

PS: And if you're on the hunt for something sweet and naughty, try my Oreo Cookies Ice-Cream
It's a game changer!

This is exactly what you'll need, no brainer! L-R: 1/2 cup Sugar, 1.5 tbsp Green tea powder and 2 cups Greek style yogurt / normal yogurt is fine too

Add chopped strawberries, or whatever tickles your fancy!

PPS: Check out my dear sister's blog - Giggling tea is a new blog by my frenchie's lil sis (if you're a tea lover, she's gonna surprise you with some creative tea recipes!). 

I'll be posting some Japanese French fusion inspired desserts very soon, watch this space! xoxo


  1. Viv, are you going to do a post on green match cake u baked last time, i'm craving for the receipe ^^. Same for friands and mini biscuits ;). I tried my tea egg thingy (u know) and first attempt was a fail, got to try tomorrow another way hehe

  2. heya, i've just posted the recipe ;) abt the tea egg thingy, let me knw how u go..gluck potato!! xx


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