Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Scoop on the Best Ice Cream and Gelato in Sydney

With the hot days we got recently, indulging in ice cream and gelato is absolutely necessary! Here's my tried and tested list of places you must visit. 

I highly recommend RivaReno Gelato for all serious gelato fans. Their gelato are legit. Amazingly smooth. I have no idea what gives them this incredibly velvety smooth texture. So delicious! My favourite flavours are Pistacchio Bronte, Caffe and Bacio. Their gelato cakes are really good too! 
This place needs no introduction. Rain, hail or shine, Gelato Messina is always packed. In addition to their daily offerings of a diverse range of signature flavours, they also have oddball specials like wild turkey and raisin gelato, maple syrup gelato with bacon, jack daniels and smoked chocolate gelato.  
If you follow me on instagram, I discovered this place a few weeks ago. My personal favourite is the pandan and coconut stix, dipped in dark chocolate and milo. It may sound like a strange combo, give it a try you will be hooked!
If you're a matcha green tea lover like me, this green tea soft serve from Chanoma won't disappoint. Ridiculously simple and totally delicious!
Desserts are beautifully presented at Sokyo. Goma Street (caramelised white chocolate, sesame ice cream), Donatsu (pineapple mascarpone filling, creme fraiche ice cream) or a simple house made green tea ice cream are all very good!
From my last review (post here), I can't recommend a trip to Toriciya enough. If you haven't tried their roasted green tea creme brulee yet, do it now! A mind blowing combo of distinctively smoky flavour from the roasted green tea and creamy texture from the creme brulee, all at the same time. One bowl is never enough, it will disappear alarmingly quickly!
A delicious assortment of homemade gelato. There are so many options at La Mama del Gelato Anita, I just want them all! 
Better known for their Po Boy but PCP's sweet waffle (peanut butter ice cream, dulce de leche, hazelnut) is not to be overlooked.
Deep fried vanilla ice cream served with butterscotch sauce. Enough said!
Not the usual ball of deep fried ice cream, Holy Basil's version of deep fried ice cream is vanilla ice cream wrapped delicately in layers of filo pastry served with fresh strawberries and caramel. Heaven on a plate!
Quoting from my previous review (post here), if you haven't tried Quay's raspberry granita and vanilla snow egg (poached meringue egg with custard apple ice cream), you haven't lived. which remains true! I always dream of returning just for their beautiful snow egg.
There's always a queue at Cow & the Moon as they recently won world's best ice cream at the Gelato World tour in Italy. Sydneysiders, there's no need to wait for a holiday in Italy to have a great gelato, you can eat amazing Gelato everyday! ;D

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